Witty, original short film screenplays for low budget filmmaking.

If you are looking for short film ideas, and you are (1) not writing your own original film right now, (2) short of time, then you are (3) the perfect person to use or adapt my short film scripts.

>> Click here for the master list of my ideas for short films, linked to log lines, location info, and more.

If you just want a log line or quick idea, then browse the list! Log lines are all over the site. If you find inspiration, then go with it!

However, writing a screenplay is a lot of work. Why not start with one of my royalty free, Creative Commons short film screenplays and adapt it to your own vision?

>> My short film scripts can be adapted and rewritten any way you like.

26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers is a collection of original short film screenplays by an up-and-coming screenwriter.

My goals for these short scripts? Maximum flexibility for filmmakers in a wide variety of circumstances.

You can rewrite them to adjust for cultural differences, a cool prop you want to include, availability or lack of equipment and crew and locations… and of course the gender, cost, strengths, and interests of the actors and actresses who are interested in working on your film.

More about why my screenplays are better than a 2-line movie idea you may find online somewhere. 🙂

>> Screenplays written to be filmed easily on a limited budget.

Or even a nonexistent budget. Some of these short films could be made for free, especially with a bit of imagination, depending on your access to equipment and actors. Planning to release your film solely online (not at film festivals)? You can really get started with a smartphone or webcam, and upgrade later.

Designed for independent film producers and directors and career-minded actors and actresses who are developing a professional portfolio on a budget. All of my short films give you a creative platform to show what you can do.

If you’re making a film for school, or as a film enthusiast who’s having fun with it, my scripts are also for you. Teachers and students use these scripts for school projects. And some people just make the films for fun.

  • Intelligent, often witty and unexpected plot twists
  • Simple, limited locations (in many cases)
  • Present day, character driven stories
  • Low budget to produce
  • Royalty free, Creative Commons licensed

>> Free samples of my screenwriting!

Download and preview my free fake trailer screenplays … if you like them, use them!

And we’ll help promote any film you make based on my scripts.

At USD$1 per script, you can afford it!

How to get my royalty-free collection of scripts: 26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers.

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