Looking for a short film script to produce commercially, for class, or for fun? 

26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers is a collection of original short film screenplays. Designed for new filmmakers, actors, and students who are developing portfolios of short films. Teachers also use this book of screenplays in the classroom in New York, Georgia, and Virginia.

Each short film screenplay is designed to be produced quickly and on a low budget. In some cases, on a zero budget.

And with the screenplays licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, any profits you make from screening, promoting, or selling the films you base on these screenplays are yours to keep. Royalty-free. Just mention the book and the website in your film credits. That’s it.

I’ll also help you promote the films you make based on my scripts, if you let me know you’re in production with one of my scripts.

>> Here’s a complete list of short films, log lines, things you can do with the book.

>> Download 3 free short film scripts for fake movie trailers, previews of the book – free ideas for movies and short films.

>> Buy my short film scripts on Amazon.com.

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