Satire short film screenplay: working title “Scenario Planning”

Working Title of the Script: “Scenario Planning”

Log line: A satirical tale of consumer marketing and scientific testing. Focus groups will never be quite the same.

Locations: 4 or 5

Casting: 2 actresses, 1 actor or actress, miscellaneous people-in-the-background.

The satirical world can be milked for comedy, horror, and drama. All at the same time? Perhaps. Satire is tricky, because it serves duelling goals at once. Satire claims to be comedy but intends to be drama. What is said is not what is meant.

Finding the right balance and tone depend on your direction.

As is the case with most of my short film scripts, this one is a low budget film director’s friend. Modern scenarios, no period costumes. The locations aren’t necessarily hard to find, though your production designer can also run wild with locations, sound design, costumes, and props on this if desired. You mainly need good actors, some crew, and an acerbic sense of humor.

Good luck!

No, really. Seriously. I mean it this time.

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