Comedy Short Film Screenplay to Showcase a Talented Actress: “Workin’ Girl”

Working Title of the Film Script: “Workin’ Girl”

Film Synopsis / log line: A talented actress gets to be funny, angry, frantic, and dramatic. She gets to speak in several different accents. She can roller skate, if she wants. And she gets to cry. All within the span of ten minutes.

Locations: 2 (multiple places within each location)

Cast: 4 actresses, 3 actors, 2 actors or actresses, and 3 additional small groups of people

Mostly,  the preparation and ultimate success of this short film will be up to one very talented actress.

She might choose to be sarcastic, harassed, brash, or pixie-like.

She might choose not to raise her voice during any of her emotional changes.

She might go in an older direction with lots of physical comedy, drawing from vaudeville and early silent film traditions.

She could probably throw in a musical theater inspired dance sequence with a flashmob in the middle of it, if she wanted to.

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This film takes some planning and choreography before running the cameras.  The director will build everything else around the main character’s abilities and what makes her special. It might look more like an action film or music video with retro smash cuts and heavy editing. It might occur in a sleepy rural town, a cookie-cutter suburb, or a huge city.

Some rehearsal wouldn’t hurt, although you are likely to capture some humorous outtakes by filming the rehearsals.  And you might capture a spontaneous moment of genius. Who knows?

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