Dining Scene short film screenplay – working title “Eat Your Vegetables”

In film narratives, people rarely just sit around and talk. Talking while doing something gives the scene a reason to happen, and allows the scene and dialogue to be paced by having 2 potentially different conversations going simultaneously–the verbal one and a visual one.

Working Title of the Script: “Eat Your Vegetables”

Film Synopsis / Log line: Two people meet for breakfast. Their disagreements include murder, fundamentalism, stereotypes, etiquette, and vegetarians.

Locations: 1

Genres: Dialogue-driven Comedy, possibly Romantic Comedy

Casting: 2 actresses, 1 actor, and 1 actor or actress. (Additional diners in the background entirely optional.)

More about Casting This Short Film: I personally want to see this film made with two very different casting choices.

In the first, the 2 initial speakers are grandparents, and the vegetarian is their granddaughter.

And in the second approach, the opening characters are 2 frat boys, and the vegetarian is a lovely young lady of about the same age.

The dialogue works for both scenarios, but the tone and pacing will be completely different.

How to Get this Dining Scene script:
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