High Concept short film screenplay: working title “Redux”

Working Title of the Script: “Redux”

Because this high concept short film encompasses a life, it can be expanded to a feature-length epic movie. Or a romantic comedy. Or an existential drama. Or a tragic irony. The high concept is a hook to get people watching.

The film can also be made on a budget. The screenplay calls for a variety of scenarios and situations, but they are contemporary, not particularly difficult to source, and not really the focus of the story.  The window dressing can be made as fantastical, beautiful, and complex as you have resources to digest. The important point, though, is the characters. Does the audience care what these people choose, and what happens as a result of their choices? That, to me, is the great destination worth exploring.

Film Synopsis / Log line: A man dies, only to discover that he has the chance to relive his entire life all over again. What will he choose?

Locations: at least 7 or 8, potentially including one historical location if desired

Casting: 14 actors (including children!), 4 actresses, various additional actors and actresses.

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