Meta Comedy Short Film screenplay – working title “Untitled”

Working Title of the Script: “Untitled”

Log line: This short film will help exorcise those “making a film about coming up with ideas for making a film” demons. Contains zombies, aliens, and a coffee shop.

Locations: 2-3

Casting: 1 actor, 1 actress, 2 voice overs, at least 6-7 miscellaneous people of either gender  (including 1 child!), and a dog.

This little meta film is written as a meta comedy. Don’t let the zombies and aliens mislead you about that. They’re a devious lot.

Your production design team will have a lot of fun with this!  Because the script does call for zombies and aliens, this probably isn’t a zero budget film. However, like most of my short film screenplays, it can be made on a very limited budget. Makeup and props are pretty cheap. If you want elaborate masks and prostheses, of course, that’s money. But the film is intended to be funny, so the less realism you design into the look, the more room you have for visual jokes. (See also Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.)

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