Montage short film screenplay – “Ten Pages About You” (also a Romantic Comedy)

Montage is a fundamental language of film, as it relies on visuals that are edited together into something coherent. The real key to understanding how montage works is in the editing room as images are being juxtaposed and spliced.

Working Title of the Script: “Ten Pages About You”

Film Synopsis / log line: We follow a young woman’s life through her anger management issues and love of art as a starving young writer enters her life.

Locations:  about 7 (as written)

Casting: 5 actresses (including children!), 2 actors, 5-12+ additional people of either gender

Genres: Comedy, Romantic Comedy

This montage screenplay includes 3 different endings. It is possible to create a meta moment where the director simply offers all of these different resolutions back-to-back, letting the audience choose what they will. If you have a romantic/romantic comedy mindset, this story also lends itself to that direction.

As a courtesy to the budget minded director,  this montage sequence is written to be a low budget short film. Modern locations. No vintage or historical props, costumes, or scenarios.

You can add more expensive elements if you have the resources and production talent aboard your project to support it. But the story doesn’t call for those things. I’d like to think that the story will be just as effective without expensive trappings.

Bonus Montage Screenplays: Monologue short film #2, “Remembering Jaime”, is also a montage with a narrator. Dialogue-driven short film #3 showcasing 2 talented actors, “Bright Future in Sales”, contains an un-narrated musical montage.

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How to get this romantic comedy short film script:

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