Download a free short film script: The Exploitation Film Trailer screenplay

href="">Click here to download this free short film script: The Exploitation Film Trailer. (.pdf)

Log Line: A crazy man, who might also be a genius, goes berserk. Gross stuff ensues.

Locations: 6 to 8 (you can always use more if you want)

Casting: 5 actors, several additional people-in-the-action actors

Working Title: “Chop Dem Heads”

Make it into a  short film (or movie trailer) with your own creative stamp on it! Or adapt it or write your own sequel using the crazy-guy-gone-berserk concept.

Oh, and by the way… are you familiar with Exploitation films? It’s a rather predictable and messy film genre, but some people like it. Here’s more about exploitation films on Wikipedia.

Exploitation films aren’t really your thing? That’s very understandable. Try my other free short film screenplays…in other genres!

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