Download 4 Free Short Film Scripts (fake movie trailers)

These are free, Creative Commons licensed, low budget movie ideas. Each is written out as a screenplay for a movie trailer.

Yours for the taking. Ideas for short films or even feature films. Ideas for a demo reel. Ideas for your online video channel. Ready to use or adapt as you wish.

Please note: these screenplays are meant to be filmed! Don’t just download the PDFs. Download the ideas and bring them to life in your short film portfolio, demo reel, or online video channel. Let me know what you’re doing with my screenplays, and I’ll help you promote your films.

Download these low budget short film scripts and start filming…

These low budget short film scripts are fake trailers, in the sense that these trailers don’t introduce or promote any actual full-length movie. These are also trailers in another sense: previews of the kinds of writing and extra materials you get with my collection of short film screenplays.

ready for more?  26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers  – only $1 per script, free shipping wherever Amazon offers it.

More about my fake trailer short film scripts

Confession: I have this reluctance to post sample chapters from my book for free.

The concepts behind the book 26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers, the idea and the structure of it are adaptable to a variety of scripts. The book itself is not free, but very, very reasonable.

With that in mind, I have written and published (for free) these Fake Trailer short film screenplays. Fake in the sense that no feature length film currently exists for these trailers. Real in the sense that they are short film scripts and you’re downloading them for free. These free short film scripts use the format of my book. They give you a preview of what you get when you buy my book-length collection of short film scripts.

Like my other short film scripts, the fake trailers are also royalty free and Creative Commons licensed. They can be expanded, revised, and adapted however you like. Creative Commons means that these ideas are out in the public domain now. Turn them into full length feature film screenplays if you are inspired to do so.

bonus, since you’re still reading: The Calvin and Hobbes Fake Movie Trailer 

Disclaimers:  This script is not licensed in any way, Creative Commons or otherwise, because I don’t own any rights to the Calvin and Hobbes characters. Just a fun idea I posted. Unlike the downloadable PDF scripts straight out of Final Draft, above, this is simply a blog post.

Genre: Animated Comedy, Family Film

Log Line: What would a Calvin and Hobbes movie look like if Zak Snyder made it?

Good luck, and enjoy!

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