How are teachers using short film and online video in the classroom?

Testimonials from teachers who have used or are planning to use “26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers” in film, TV production, and other classes.

I would like to give my students the option of using the screenplays as they are or as a jumping off point for their own scripts or changes. Each nine-weeks I will have 2 new classes of students who would use the book with different interpretations each time.

– North Carolina

As a special education teacher, I find that my students have a great deal of difficulty getting their ideas for writing out on paper.  Using this book, we can motivate students to write and have an avenue to communicate their ideas (video).

– New York

I teach two TV Production classes. We do a variety of small pieces, but I am interested in using scripts to generate a full production, create detailed, lengthy storyboards and have several editors building the movie as we film. I am really excited by the possibilities.

– New York

We are always looking for good scripts to make into short films.  This book will come in real handy in my classes.

– Georgia

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