Really? I can rewrite your scripts? That’s OK?

Professional screenwriters expect their scripts to be rewritten. It’s a time-honored process. In feature films, the typical script goes through several rewrites, by several different writers. In TV writing, the process is collaborative – several people get into a room, order Chinese food, and hash out every line together.

I’ve taken the collaboration a step further with the scripts in this book. Because these scripts are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, you can rewrite them yourself (or get someone else to do it for you). I’ve released creative control to people like you.

Film is a collaborative medium, which means that a lot of people will have a creative stamp on the final project. Who you cast in the roles, and their take on the characters, will be there. The crew and equipment at your disposal will influence what’s possible. Your strengths, weaknesses (sorry), and vision will influence the resulting films.

The only influence I should have on the way anyone will film these scripts is already on the page. Any given screenplay I’ve written will be made into very, very different films by each person or team who interprets the story. I’m also okay with your taking the concept or plot of any of these scripts and reworking it completely to help you tell a different story you’ve got in mind.

The real objective of the book is to see what the filmmaking community will make with it. It makes sense to give you creative control from this point onward.

If/when you do rewrite a script, you still include me in the final film credits. How to do that is explained under “Don’t Get Sued!” in the book.

Using these screenplays can make your life simpler as a low budget short film maker or independent producer:

  • The scripts are royalty-free.
  • The scripts are not subject to WGA (union) processes regarding attribution of writing credit between multiple writers.
  • You don’t have to track each rewrite to figure out whom to credit for what. Just use your best eyeball estimate from the original to your shooting script.
  • No one (or at least one less) to argue edits with. No haggling about creative control or artistic vision with me. 🙂
  • Just do whatever you need to develop the ideas I’ve given you, and start shooting.

All you need to get started is to buy the book at

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