Really? I don’t owe you royalties if I use these screenplays?

Traditionally, screenwriters make money if someone produces a project from the writer’s script. They are paid by the script (or draft, in some circles), and the dollar figure runs $5,000 to $50,000 as a general rule.

My business model is different for the screenplays in this book. The way these are licensed under Creative Commons, these are royalty free short film scripts.

Here’s how that makes your life simpler (and less expensive) as a filmmaker or producer.

  • The scripts are available as-is for a flat price.
  • You owe me no residuals if you make money from them.
  • If you film one (or more) of these scripts you own the rights to your film(s) for whatever means of distribution and monetization you come up with.
  • You can show your film at festivals, post it on the Internet, sell DVDs of it direct to consumer, mail promotional copies, excerpt it for your demo reel… and you don’t have to ask permission from me regarding any use of the filmed works you based on my screenplay.
  • No WGA (union) prices or procedures. (Unless you pay a WGA member writer to work on it. All the union rules apply to your arrangements with that person.)
  • You get creative control over the final screenplay–change it however you need to. You don’t have to haggle with me about writing credit. 🙂 You can customize the scripts without consulting me.

All you need to do is buy the book and credit me. After that, you don’t owe me another dime!

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