Car Chase (Action Sequence) short film screenplay – working title “Last Day of School”

Working Title of the Script: “Last Day of School”

Log line: Two teenagers run for their lives after egging the wrong car.

Casting: minimum 4 people, at least 1 actress. “Various” additional background people. This script works well with an all-female cast.  It was originally written with male teenagers in mind.

Locations: 2 (at least!)

More About the Screenplay: Everyone loves a car chase. This little action sequence depends on clever editing and camera tricks to make it exciting. And budget-friendly.

This can be filmed without smashing anything more expensive than eggs, unless you have the means and the aesthetic urge to smash more costly and elaborate items like old furniture, moving boxes, trash cans, or a fruit cart. Your set designer and action choreographer can really go nuts with this, a la John Woo. Even on a low budget.

As with any action film, this car chase takes extensive planning and should be choreographed with care before running the cameras. Some rehearsal wouldn’t hurt, although with digital technology eliminating the cost of film itself you might capture some enjoyable outtakes by filming the rehearsals.

The story has a twist ending.

And you can take it in a very dramatic, very action-intense, or very comic direction. Or all three at once. It’s actually all there in the script. The director and actors/actresses just get to pick what they want to bring out.

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