Animated comedy short film screenplay (or stop motion animation): “Men and their Toys”

Working Title of the animated short film screenplay: “Men and their Toys”

Film Synopsis / Log line: A kid/dinosaur learns the hard way that authority figures have a difficult time with his dinosaur persona. And then a strong female character makes the world better place without a single roar.

Locations: 7 (drawn  or stop motion animation), 4 or 5 (live action)

Casting: 4 actors (including children!), 3 actresses (including 1 child!), 5 other voices in a mix of actors/actresses. In animation, the same actors/actresses may voice multiple characters. Might be a challenge if you tried doing that in a live action setting…

Making an Animated Short Film from This Screenplay: This particular animated short could be filmed with stop-motion animation, drawn animation, or computer generated animation. If you’re not an animator but enjoy the story, the screenplay can be converted to a live-action short film, with or without animated asides.

A camera alone won’t really work to make this film. This (or any) animated story will need some kind of technology tools to create the illusion of motion from still images. How you do it is a function of your imagination.

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