Horror short film screenplay: working title “Ghost Eaters”

Working Title of the Horror short film screenplay: “Ghost Eaters”

Log line: The owner of a haunted house wants to improve her home’s resale value, and strikes a deal with an agency representative of some Ghost Eaters to clear it of supernatural residents. The deal ends badly for the homeowner.

Locations: 2 (or more, if you don’t find all the interiors you want in just 2 locations)

Casting: 1 actress, 4 actors, miscellaneous people-in-the-background.

Written as a ghost story, this short script actually requires little in the way of special effects.

That’s one of the nice things about the horror movie genre. Most of the icky parts occur offscreen, or easily can be arranged so that they do. This serves a limited budget nicely.

Plus, people don’t seem to tire of being scared by movies. There is a ready audience for scary work (which includes the author of this screenplay!), and it doesn’t demand the most sophisticated production approaches or expensive resources to serve the genre well.

A feature length screenplay of the Ghost Eaters story is also available. (Not included in the book — contact me directly)

How to Get this Horror Short Film Script:

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