Two Monologues – short film screenplays for sale

Monologues are handy tools for any actor or actress who’s building a career. While these are short film scripts, you may find these screenplays useful as audition monologues. Break a leg!

How short films can help an acting career…
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Working Title of Monologue #1: “The Rules of the Game”

Synopsis of Monologue #1: In this low-budget monologue, a newly single guy (adolescent, or adolescent at heart) has an announcement for the eligible women of the world. This one actor story can be shot in one take with a talented actor and a webcam.

Locations: 1

Cast: 1 actor

Working Title of Monologue #2: “Remembering Jaime”

Synopsis of Monologue #2: This monologue of reminiscence calls for location shoots with multiple actors, but can be modified to work with a mix of voice-over narration, still images, b-roll and/or found footage. This monologue could also be considered a montage with a narrator. This one could be enacted with male or female lead–both will work fine with this story.

Locations: 1 (with elevator and stairwell)

Cast: 1 narrator (actor or actress), 1 Jaime (actor or actress), 1 actress, several friends (nonspeaking roles)

Included: complete short film screenplays, more explanation of settings/location, cast lists, and ideas for adapting the stories to your resources.

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