Science fiction short film screenplay: “Radcliffe”

Working Title of the Script: “Radcliffe”

Logline: This science fiction short film is set in outer space. It’s really about isolation and loneliness and being separated from the world.

Locations: 7 or 8.

Casting: 2 actors, 1 actress, 1 actor or actress, “various” miscellaneous persons-in-the-background, a voice over.

This low budget film showcases special effects, production design (including visual setting, soundscape, and various sonic effects or distortion effects), and acting ability. Your set, audio, and costume designers can really go wild. Or you can do very simple, minimal things to depict another world. It’s all about your resources and taste–and especially where you want to focus the viewer’s attention.

What qualifies a story as science fiction? This is a subject of fierce debate.

Does a scientific theory have to be integral to the plot somehow? Or is science just window dressing to the narrative of a science fiction story? Are films set in outer space automatically science fiction? Even if they flaunt the laws of physics?

More on the great debates of science fiction films courtesy of Wikipedia.

Included for sale: complete screenplay, cast list, more details about location/setting, and ideas for customizing the screenplay. Use it as-is, or adapt the script to your own filmmaking vision! The Creative Commons 3.0 license means screenwriting attribution is required, but this screenplay is royalty-free.

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