Showcase a Talented Actor in this Short Film Screenplay: “The Sitter”

Working Title of the Film Script: “The Sitter”

Film Synopsis / Log line: This short film screenplay showcases a talented actor whose clueless character just can’t seem to make a good decision.

Locations: 4-5

Casting: 3 actors, 2 actresses

Men are clueless. But each guy is clueless is a unique, special way. The obvious question for the actor whose character keeps making bad choices: “Why is this person so clueless?”

One could add an element of threat to this script’s situation, resulting in more of a drama. Or play up the relationship in it, resulting in more of a romantic comedy.

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Included: complete short film script, cast list, location/setting details, and ideas for customizing the screenplay. Creative Commons 3.0 license – attribution required; derivative works are royalty free.

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