Silent short film screenplay “Pee Shy”

Working Title of the Script: “Pee Shy”

Film Synopsis / Log line: Some of history’s best cinematic moments are silent images that evoke excitement, awe, and joy. Others depict etiquette in a men’s restroom.

Locations: 1

Casting: 3 actors

This silent short film screenplay tells its story entirely through pantomime, acting, and visual presentation. It is structured like some TV commercials–a simple, silent, visual gag. But it’s written without any narration, dialogue, or product placements.

You can add product placements, if necessary. All I’m saying is that I didn’t write any such thing into this script.

With one easy-to-source location, one camera, one shot (if you decide to film it that way), and limited actors, this is a particularly inexpensive film to make.

A storyboard is included to help you plan what you’ll film. My design assumes the story will be filmed all in one single shot. You may find it more interesting (and easier) to choose different angles than my storyboard shows, and be more active with the camera and editing than my storyboard suggests. Do as your directorial preferences lead.

Silent short film works as a great sandbox for experimenting with film music, whether original compositions or licensed music. Your storyboard will help you show musicians where you want to emphasize, comment on, poke fun at, or “voice” an action that’s happening onscreen.

How to Get this Silent Short Film Script:


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