Long Single Take short film screenplay – working title “Cafeteria”

The Short Film Done in One Single Take might seem like an academic or technical exercise. This also happens to be a fun story for low budget filmmaking.

Some directors really love showing off their ability to make an effective scene without the use of editing. They choreograph the camera with the actors to deliver a dramatic moment. If that’s you, then this screenplay is written with you in mind.

These one-shot scenes are difficult to pull off, because if anything goes amiss the entire scene must be shot again from the beginning. Careful planning and technical rehearsal are helpful. This screenplay contains supplemental materials to help plan and direct the scene.

Working Title of the Script: “Cafeteria”

Film Synopsis / Log Line: In this short film, a new student is shown around the high school by an existing student, while the school’s social hierarchy is explained.

Locations: 1

Casting: 4 actresses, 3 actors, various other people of either gender (preferably quite a crowd)

Included: Storyboard, map showing the camera’s path through a school cafeteria, fully formatted short film screenplay, cast list, and suggestions for customizing the screenplay.

Photo of storyboard pages in "26 Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers"

Photo of storyboard pages from the short film script "Cafeteria"

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26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers

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