Party Scene short film screenplay – working title “Cut the Crowd”

Working Title of the Script: “Cut the Crowd”

Party Short Film log line: In this party scene, a roomful of people compete for the attention of a successful, late-arriving VIP. How will the presence (or perception) of power change other people’s actions and options – for an hour, an evening, or indefinitely?

Locations: 1 (6 different rooms; you might need more than one house, apartment, or other party location to complete your vision.)

Casting: 4 actresses, 7 actors, and miscellaneous entourage.

More about the Party Scene: Parties are great places to tell stories. They provide an excuse to get all the major characters in a film mingling and talking together.

A party scene is also a place to play with overlapping and improvised dialogue in a short film. The hum of conversation in the background can also create a degree of subliminal dramatic tension, akin to a musical score or other sound effects.

Not incidentally for the budget filmmaker, they’re also simple to design and the locations are as easy as it gets. As with any film, you can style yourself into or out of a big budget with a party. But my Party Scene short film doesn’t rely on couture fashion, fancy catering, historic locations, or any other expensive elements to tell the story.

Since it is dialogue driven, this Party Scene relies on good acting, and makes a handy vehicle to show off a talented acting ensemble.

As is the case with the Dining Scene (and others), parties don’t strictly belong to any particular film genre. They can be funny and warm, cold and absurd, formal and complex, farcical, vaguely tense, outright terrifying…. in keeping with this fact, the Party Scene script can be taken in any of these directions. It is written originally with humor and comedy in mind. Physical comedy and even stunts could be added without straining the story terribly.

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