Therapy Scene short film screenplay: working title “I’m Game If You Are”

Working Title of the Script: “I’m Game If You Are”

Locations: 3

Casting: 2 actors, 3 actresses. 2 actors or actresses (these characters could be either gender).

Logline: A screenwriter explains his newest idea to his shrink – a TV game show. Both become consumed in the game world.

Film Synopsis: OK, the movie scene where someone’s talking with their therapist isn’t specific to any genre. It’s a plot device that’s rather popular in contemporary film and TV. Why use it? Convenience, of course.

Writers love therapy scenes because they can be stuffed with exposition or stream of consciousness character rambling. Because the therapist’s office is not a new setting or device, these scenes also can draw upon a rich history from other films to parody or reference.

Actors love therapy scenes because they get to move through a range of emotions in a short time. Directors love therapy scenes because they get to play with the pacing of these scenes, dropping in moments of silence to punctuate the discussion.

The people who really don’t love therapy scenes are actually therapists. Sometimes they just don’t like the seeing dramatic liberties taken with the ethical dilemmas and day-to-day challenges of their work. However, they are therapists, so they have the emotional tools to deal with the situation.

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