My short film scripts and screenplays: by Movie Genre, Complexity, Situation or Plot Device, Technical Requirements

As frequent readers of this blog will know, I’ve got a book length collection of short screenplays for short films. People ask me from time to time, “What kinds of film genres and scenarios do your short scripts include?”

Here is the exhaustive (and somewhat annotated) list. The links take you to blog posts with log lines and more about each script. I hope you find some ideas that inspire you to make your first, or next, short film.

You can rewrite the screenplays if you like the idea but want to change the execution. Some of them can be expanded to feature length screenplays.

Don’t see the type of film you want? Please tell me what you’d like to film. I’m still writing!

Short film scripts and screenplays: By Complexity

Monologue screenplays for Actors and/or Actresses

Dialogue screenplays for Actors and/or Actresses

Single Location short film scripts

Multiple Location short film scripts

Short film scripts and screenplays: By Movie Genre

free  Action-Adventure-Comedy-Suspense-Thriller Fake Movie Trailer (parody)

Animated short film script can work as stop motion or live action, not just drawn animation


Documentary  (in this case, pseudo-documentaries that rely on improvisation and Mockumentary, since you can’t script a real documentary until footage of your subject has been filmed)


free  Exploitation Movie Trailer

High Concept


free Schlock Horror Movie Trailer

The Meta Film (a meta-comedy short film script about making a short film)

Public Service Announcement (PSA) (also satire, parody)

Romantic Comedy

Science Fiction

Satire (parody)

Silent Film (Buster Keaton not required, but always an advantage)

Short film scripts and screenplays: By Situation or Plot Device

Car Chase short film / action sequence script (stunt drivers not required, but definitely cool)

Bank Robbery or Heist short film script

Dining Scene (creating verbal and visual counterpoint)

Party Scene short film script

Therapy Scene short film script (warning: real therapists don’t like it)

Short Film Script showcasing a Talented Actress

Short Film Script showcasing a Talented Actor

Short film scripts and screenplays: Technical

The Long Single Take – a director’s showcase

Short films that show off a creative production designer

For those of you who are counting, this list doesn’t add up to 26. 🙂 Good luck with your films!



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