Single location scripts for short films

Looking for single location scripts for short films?

These are my screenplays written for just 1 location during filming.

If you don’t have access to specified locations for filming, adapt to what you have! Please comment and let me know your questions and experiences when filming these scripts.

With that said…

It’s not always easy to pin down how many locations it will take to shoot a short film script, just by reading the screenplay.

Why? Locations and access differ. You may have, or be able to negotiate, access to commercial spaces for shooting a film that would take care of all your needs with a single location. Someone else may need to cobble together several public and private locations to film the same script.

Another factor is your imagination. Can you adapt the script to work within your resources, including the locations to which you already have access (or can ask or negotiate for access)? Will your creative vision take you to more locations than initially written in the script?

Enjoy solving the puzzles, riddles, and logistical challenges as you make low budget short films!

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