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Free Short Film Scripts and Screenplays (download now!)

  Action Comedy Adventure Suspense Thriller (MacGuffin) Movie Trailer
  The Schlock Horror Movie Trailer with Zombies (“Zombie Prom Queen”)
  The Exploitation Movie Trailer (“Chop Dem Heds”)
  Horror action comedy thriller parody mash-up (Love Boat)

Royalty Free Short Film Scripts and Screenplays (for sale in the book “26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers”)

  My Short Film Scripts and Screenplays, by movie genre
       Romantic Comedy
  List of Single Location Short Film Scripts and Screenplays
  List of Multiple Location Short Film Scripts and Screenplays

Ideas for Short Films

  Log Lines for my royalty free short film scripts and screenplays

How to Make a Low Budget Short Film:

  How to make a short animated film
  How to make a short heist film with a bank robbery
  How to make a short action film with a car chase
  How to use a storyboard when making a short film
  Cinematic storytelling: thinking visually when you direct a film

Movie Directors (filmmakers) who make Short Films

  Short film director Hal Hartley monetizes his movies
  Music videos by Spike Jonze are also great short films
  The short film Vin Diesel wrote, get his acting noticed

Making Money (or not) in the Movie Industry

  How Elevator Pitches can help get your film made.
  Working with film producers

Rants about Creative Freedom and Creative Commons Licensing for Filmmakers

  Why I licensed my short film screenplays under Creative Commons.
  Really? I can rewrite your scripts? That’s OK?
  Really? I don’t owe you royalties if I use these screenplays?
  How can I make a truly original film if I'm using a screenplay I found in a book?

How are teachers using short film and online video in the classroom?

  Survey of Educators Using Film in Class
  Apply for a free copy of the book, if you teach Middle School, High School, University, or Film School

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